Hotel Moskva has three meeting rooms available that can accommodate from 10 to 100 people.

  • Moskva1 accommodates 10 people
  • Moskva2 accommodates 50 people
  • Moskva3 accommodates 100 people

Rooms are equipped with powerful air-conditioning systems , modern multimedia equipment . Please use the online inquiry form to specify the seating arrangement , number of guests and the time frame of your event.

We will take care of the technical organization of your event , whether it’s a business meeting or a wedding with hundreds of guests. We guarantee trouble-free operation of the equipment .

Conference room

up to 50 people person

Conference hall of the Galliard hotel , located on the 1st floor, designed for 50 people. Room is made in modern style, in unity with technical innovations allows to create a rich information environment needed for presentations, seminars, conferences and business meetings.

Meeting room

up to 15 person

Meeting room located on the 1st floor, designed for 15 people.


up to 24 person

The bar is "the Attic" provides the possibility of holding conferences, presentations, seminars and business meetings for 20 people, the bar allows you to create a rich information environment, a bar is equipped with excellent modern technical equipment. A break in your event, you can admire centuries-old pine trees and the sky through the glass dome of the bar, drink a hot Cup of coffee.