Wonderful place, lovely staff, great service, good food, great place to stay. At reasonable prices, the hotel deserves a four and a half stars.
Wonderful hotel for relaxation and holidays. The hotel is really like. Come not the first time. The rooms all clean , tidy ,comfortable, the interior is very nice. On the top floor panoramic Windows with exit to the terrace. There is an infrared sauna, bowling,Billiards, children's room ,outside tennis court. The grounds are well kept, clean air,silence. On the territory there is a Playground Celebrated birthday in the restaurant , the decoration on top, very tasty .There is a bar. Was very pleased , in Gilarde rests with the soul. All advise will not regret it.
Irina Panina
Forest fairy tale! Gorgeous place!!!! Once visited there,I want to come back for more!!! Cosy room, and around..... forest fairy tale.... quiet. cozy. white and the soul! Polite staff, delicious food... Great! Thank you!
Perfect hotel for conducting outreach. The hotel celebrated the graduation of 11X class in June 2017. And children and teachers and parents were very pleased. I want to thank the hotel and especially the Manager Julia Rodchenkova, who accompanied us from the contract before the Banquet and hotel accommodation. Julia helped with the selection of the menu - everyone was happy (took into account the presence of vegetarians and small children), with options for guests with comfortable Seating in the room, which was very difficult: instead of the originally scheduled 45 people had accumulated more than 60: 37 graduates, 7 teachers and 18 parents. Despite the fact that we arrived at the hotel an hour earlier than planned, everything was ready. It's all good! The staff helped our DJ of connecting devices. The reception was already prepared keys. The restaurant thoughtfully placed and laid tables. Have enough space for socializing and competitions and dances. After the Banquet all continued to have fun: someone in bowling who is in the pool, who in a large tent on the grounds or in the halls on the floors. The hotel is modern, clean, beautiful, everything is new, the territory is small, but well appointed. In General, I can safely recommend the Galliard for prom and any corporate and family events. I would like to thank the hotel and wish them further success and prosperity
Jan and Alex
The first time I was in the Galliard in 2012 at the new year party, after which it remains only a good impression. Four years later, we chose a place for the wedding, where it would be possible to organize a Banquet and to accommodate guests for the night, but it was not that, the Banquet hall that size, no required number of rooms, the cost is higher than planned. Suddenly finding accidentally dropped the Galliard (I already forgot the name) and everything just came together. Besides, I was safer to entrust the wedding to the hotel where I was resting and was happy. Many thanks to all the staff who supported us and helped! We Express our special thanks to the hotel Manager Rodchenkova Yulia, who took into account all our requests, answered endless emails and was always in touch. Thanks for the kindness, cheerfulness and energy! For the whole holiday there was not a single moment that I would like to fix it. Loved the interior and layout of our rooms, we could each guest choose a convenient option. Parents were delighted with the Family Suite, children beautifully located in room Comfort Plus (at our request the rooms were Cribs). Thank you for the wonderful decoration of the Wedding room, treats and gifts! It was magical! Thanks to Elena who helped us during the Banquet and quickly solved all questions. Beautiful Helen appeared out of nowhere at the very moment when it was very necessary and as the fairy has improved all around. In the morning Elena fed us a delicious Breakfast and helped pack up. Guests admired the hotel, food, nature around. We forgot when leaving two pictures and saved them in one piece when we a month later came for them. Thanks to the administration! I hope an event to celebrate You! Success and prosperity!
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