Children's room and Playground

We offer you a family vacation on the territory of the hotel "Galiarda". We have all conditions for children's stay. To this end, the hotel has a great play area.

In the nursery children experience a variety of games and everyone's favorite magic of the screen.

Among the majestic pine trees found their place in our children's Playground with a special artificial turf. Its uniqueness lies in the specificity of the coating layer, excluding the injury of the baby in the fall, and in a special color and design. Bright colors and images make the site attractive object for children to play.

Here children can jump and play in the "classics", as the coating prudently secured a place with a lined playing field. As well as doing sports. The location of this area close to the hotel, and comfortable benches along the play areas enable parents to keep their children constantly in sight.

A feature of the Playground is the fact that its structure is made of natural wood. Slides, swings, ladders and a play tower with bright elements. A colorful fabric tent is securely closed against the sun's rays pad rigs. For older children provides an opportunity to play basketball. Play area is framed on all sides by lawns and pine trees, and fits well into the landscape of the hotel. Pure, rich pine scent of the air, is the best place for children to play.